About Me


My name is Donald Gordon.

I am lots of things.

I am a father to a little girl who likes being tickled and held upside down.

I am a software engineer.  I work remotely from Tawhero, Whanganui for a company that was based in Wellington when I started work there five years ago, but now has offices all over the world.  If you guess which company it is, I will give you a lollipop (but you’ll have to come to Whanganui to collect it).  I used to work for a company that developed compilers for mobile phones.  Given sufficient encouragement, I will happily tell you war stories about horrible bugs in the BREW implementation in many handsets from 2006-2009.

I am a budding theologian.  In my copious spare time, I am pursuing an undergraduate theology degree through Otago University.  In 2011 I felt called to become a minister; in 2012 I went through the PCANZ’s assessment process to test that call.  They said “Yes, now finish your theology degree.”  So I’m doing that.

In the summer I brew copious amounts of ginger beer that I then proceed to ply friends and family alike with.  I haven’t yet met someone who didn’t like it.

I like building things with computers and electronics and bits of wood and screws and cable ties and chewing gum and hoses and Ukranian immersion heaters.  I don’t recommend the immersion heaters though — after running one for half an hour the water it was heating became live.  Next time I’ll try an aquarium heater instead.

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